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January 2015.

Happy new year!

We start the year with another meeting in the Ballinger Memorial Hall to update everyone on progress with the Save The Pheasant campaign. This meeting will be at 8pm on Tuesday 20th January.

December 2014 bulletin.

Whilst the Save The Pheasant campaign goes on we’ve made it the “main feature” of the website but the rest of village life isn’t on hold.  For the time being, however, it’ll be confined to this page!

Christmas Evening at The Hall

Most imminent and noteworthy is the forthcoming Christmas Evening at the Memorial Hall, from 7:30pm on Friday 19th December.  There will be a bar with mulled wine and mince pies also in evidence.  SHABY Club members please note we will have a SHABY corner!

Shed thievery

Via Colin at The Lee Forum, Thames Valley Police tell of three shed breakins in recent days in The Lee and in South Heath, please make sure your sheds are secure, mark any tools and appliances with your house name or number, and, of course, if you see anyone behaving suspiciously, call 101.  Can I also recommend The Lee Forum for Ballinger residents? They seem happy to have us join, it’s low traffic, and you can often find helpful information, or an opportunity to BE helpful, there.

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