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The Ballinger Community Group is very interested to hear your thoughts about this project. This project is about the village and everybody in it. We really want to know what you think.

There will inevitably be some debate about what the pub should be like and what it should offer and how it should be run. We have heard some thoughts from the people that attended the public meeting back in December  (see The Pub page) but have we heard from you? We would very much like to!

Do you know somebody who has not seen this web site that may have strong views about it? Please point them to it so they can comment on the plans as they develop.

There are many people in the area who believe that the pub should provide good simple inexpensive, locally sourced food, cooked by a cook not a chef. With draught beers and lagers, soft drinks and coffee/tea. With a selection of wines that people can afford. Do you agree? Would you prefer the food was more up market? Should we stipulate that there is always at least one vegetarian option?

We want to hear your thoughts especially if you are the sort of person who would not raise your hand at a public meeting.

What did you like about the pub before? Did you go to the pub before if not was there something in particular that kept you away.


Whether you want to invest in helping this to happen or you just have views about what you would like a local pub to be like, then contact us and have your say. This is an opportunity that doesn’t come to many people, so take full advantage and raise your voice. You can share your thoughts by adding a comment to any page on the site, or contact any one of the Steering Group.

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