The Pub

What sort of pub will it be and how do we ensure that it meets the requirements of the local community?

We will have some degree of control over how the pub is run by virtue of the contracts that are signed with the tenant landlord, although we have to leave enough room for the incoming landlord to use their own initiative to drive their own business. We would expect the incoming landlord would recognise that for a pub of this size, servicing the needs of the local market is critical to the commercial success of their business and therefore to listen to the results of the feedback that is received through this current process.

Indications to date show a very strong preference from local people to have a traditional British country pub, with a friendly environment, well kept beer and wines and simple and inexpensive locally sourced food. We do need however, to give the new landlord the scope to define his or her own offering as this will be their business. If they succeed, everybody is happy, if they don’t service the needs of the local community and fail to make a go of it their contract will not be renewed and will look for a new landlord.

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