Every Individual on The Steering Group has agreed that as we pursue this project we will conduct ourselves according to a set of principles which are outlined below. These are intended to ensure that all the efforts of everybody involved in the project are directed to the benefit of the local community, so that everybody in the community can feel free to contribute their thoughts, skills, talents and energies to the project knowing that if the project is successful, their help may have been a significant factor in getting the pub opened again and putting life back into the village, and if the project does not succeed their efforts will not have gone to make someone else better off. So here are our guiding principles.

  1. The “Save The Pheasant” project being organized by the Ballinger Community Group is to be conducted with two core objectives of opening the Pheasant Inn in Ballinger as a community pub and securing the future of the pub as an amenity for the community for the future.
  2. Ownership of shares in the body that acquires the pub should be as widely distributed as possible. The cost of participation should be as low as practicalities allow, in order that everybody in the village should be able to participate to some extent and therefore have a say in how the pub is run and managed.
  3.  There should be safeguards put in place to prevent any individual or group of individuals acquiring a disproportionate influence over the future of the pub.
  4. No member of The Steering Group will be financially advantaged in any way as a result of their work on the Steering Group.  Individuals are invited to give their time and energies on a voluntary basis. No payments or promises of payments or employment, or future contracts for goods or services will be made to any member of The Steering Group directly as a result of their work on the Steering Group.
  5. All communications made in relationship to this project should be truthful, accurate and wherever possible capable of being substantiated by hard evidence.
  6. In all correspondence and public and private communication we should focus on the details of our own plan as it emerges and the viability of the project itself and not pass any comment or judgment on the decisions, actions, activities or qualities of any of the previous owners of the pub.
  7. No groups or individuals should be advantaged or disadvantaged compared to any other through the distribution or otherwise of information relating to this project. We will disclose as far as is practical all information through this web site and other channels.
  8. The project should be inclusive and take advantage of all talents available to it from everybody in the community that shares in the objectives and the values of the project.
  9. At the end of the investigation and planning period, an offer to acquire the pub should only be made if a viable, validated and executable business plan is in place, and sufficient funds have been raised.

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