November 2014

Last week a meeting was held at Ballinger Hall to update the local community about The Pheasant pub, and in particular to explain the ramifications of The Notice displayed on the pub gates by Chiltern District Council. Thank you to those that came along. We had over 80 people in the hall together with a visit from Sky Television and their cameras.  It was a very positive meeting demonstrating that the desire to open the pub is widespread and strongly held.

During the meeting some concern was expressed that the successful reopening of The Pheasant might cause loss of business to other pubs in the area.  In response, it was pointed out that other local pubs co-existed when The Pheasant was open before. The location of the pub attracts not just the locals, but all of the clubs and societies in and around the village green. There are many villages in the area with a similar population that have a high density of pubs competing successfully.

The biggest threat to pubs is people getting out of the habit of using them. Concern regarding plans from the cricket club for a new club house/pavilion was also expressed.

Since the meeting, we have confirmation from the cricket club (BWCC) that they have not applied for a licence to run a bar in it and that should the Pheasant re-open, they would fully support and use the facilities.

Work is progressing on getting the technical aspects of the bid and fund raising process in place.  We will keep you informed and will arrange another public meeting.

If you would like to help, please register on the “Contact” page of the web site to ensure you receive regular updates.

Thank you for your support.

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