Welcome to the Ballinger Community Group pages on the Ballinger village web site.

Within these pages you will find all the latest information relating to the project driven by the community to re-open The Pheasant Inn in Ballinger. The site has been reshaped recently in order to make information about the latest wave of activity more visible and easier to find.

The historical information has been moved but is still available in the archives should you wish to check any references in the current information.

The fundamental principles that governed the behaviour of this group remain intact and some specific elements, like the desire to protect the pub from future property speculation, are enshrined in the new articles of association of the company retaining the pub as an asset for the village in the long term.

We expect to see things evolve very quickly from here as we endeavour to work our way through all of the technical details again from scratch which is necessary because the regulatory framework within which we operate has changed quite dramatically.

We have strengthened the team considerably with the addition of some of our community’s best communicators to make sure that we get information to everybody that wants it as Quickly as possible.

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