To the Ballinger web site, which has been appropriated by the Ballinger Community Group. The objective of the Ballinger Community Group is acquire the freehold of the Pheasant Inn in Ballinger with a view to getting the pub re-opened as a local village pub serving the needs of families, individuals, groups and clubs in the area. To achieve this we have set up a steering group, and the details of the individuals involved can be found on the “Steering Group” page. Everybody on the steering group has committed to conducting themselves according to the principles detailed on the “Principles” page

We are now approaching an exciting time in Ballinger.  There has been significant progress in the “Save The Pheasant” campaign and soon it will be crunch time when we find out whether or not it will be possible for this attempt to re-open the pub to be successful.

Latest news

  • A flyer describing the plan has been printed and is being widely distributed this week. If you have not received the flyer through your letter box you can read it here on the Flyer page or pick up a copy from The Lee Shop, Ballinger Village Hall, the South Heath Village Stores, Ballinger Waggoners Cricket Club, or drop us a comment on any page requesting a copy and we will email one back to you. A very big thank you to all of those bodies for their help with this campaign.
  • A limited company has been formed in order to enable us to apply for grant funding to assist in the purchase of the pub.
  • We await responses from people in the area from the flyer giving some indication as to whether they want to get involved financially and if so how much they would like to invest.
  • We have decided on a mechanism for acquiring and running the pub which will achieve 3 key objectives.
  1. It will provide an opportunity for just about everybody in the area to own a piece of the pub
  2. It will protect the investors from any of the commercial risks of running a pub
  3. It will protect the pub from becoming the subject of property speculation in the future.

More details can be found on the How it will work page.

Big Thanks to Chris Comley for allowing this friendly invasion of his web site, and for all of his technical assistance and astonishing patience.